Between a Girl and a Soft Place


We’ve all read a story like it haven’t we?

Girl meets boy. Boy meets girl.

It’s love at first sight. They can’t keep away from one another. 

And then the conflict. Girl’s family doesn’t like her boyfriend. Boyfriend turns all machonistic and fights for her. But girl loses her family if she chooses him.

It seems like this cliché is used over and over in novel writing and it’s something that I’m aware, that readers are tiring of seeing in bestselling novels.

What if we turned those tables around?

What if girl meets girl?

Girl, let’s give her a name shall we? How about… Romaina? Romaina meets, let’s see here… Freya?  Romaina struggles to comes to terms with fancying Freya. Freya, knowing how Romaina feels, leads her on and just as Romaina thinks she’s being serious,  Freya pulls back and laughs in her face leaving Romaina even more confused and hurt by her actions.

Let’s make this even more interesting. Let’s presume that Romaina and Freya have been best friends since nursery (kindergarten to all my American followers) and that their first kiss could have taken place when they were seven, out of curiosity. 

Freya and Romaina journey through primary and secondary school (again for my American followers pre school and high school) and one night while they’re out Freya tells Romaina that she’s in love with her and they spend the night together. 

Of course this is where Freya will have to break Romaina’s heart by revealing that she has a curse, something so destructive that it touches whoever she loves and that she must do what it takes to protect her.

But isn’t already too late for Romaina? Well, I’ll let you be the judge of that one.

Fiction doesn’t always have to revolve around heterosexual relationships. After all, they’re not the only ones that exist. Don’t be afraid to try something different.

What do you think? Is their room for same sex relationships in fantasy novels? Or is that just too much for the reader to bear the brunt of?

Opinions on a postcard (or in this case in the comment box below)



Late Start to the Year


Okay, it’s really late to be saying it but I’m going to anyway. Happy 2014!

How has the first month of the year been for you? Have you managed to stick  to your revolutions?

I’m struggling to stick to mine. I promised myself that I would try to practise being more mindful but I just can’t get the hang of it. Meditation is the hardest to do. I try the guided meditations but it feels a little strange and surreal even after the ninth practise.

The app I’m using for meditation, just in case you’re interested is called Headspace.  You can find it on android phones and on the Apple store. 

Also the reason for my absence is because of my illness. I have been battling with terrible panic attacks, nightmares and fatigue and am only just beginning to feel better.

As a means to distract me I have managed to edit my novel and was astounded to find that there was a lot of stuff that wasn’t useful and caused for some chapters to be rewritten.  I am now struggling with the cover letter and the synopsis and wondering whether I should pursue an editor. If any of you happen to know an editor whose rates are cheap please do let me know. It would be much appreciated.

Hope you are all well and are living your dream impeccably.