Happy NaNoWriMo :)


Welcome NaNoWriMoer’s!

I hope you are all progressing steadily with your WIP’s and are not panicking just yet. After all, it is only thr first day.

What’s that I hear? The first day is the most important? I agree which is why, I am going to be your advisory, your advocate in raising hell on paper and listening to ideas and plots.

I took part last year and although I didn’t finish, it was well worth the go and I applaud you for choosing this wonderful opportunity. And I am willing to try again this year.

Here are my tips for the first day; 🙂

1. Make a brief outline

An outline should be your main port of call, it’s a bit like staging characters; knowing where and what is going to happen can save you a whole lot of bother as I’ve found out recently while structuring my second novel (which is at a staggering -240 words so far) I created mine this morning and even though things could change it has assured me a lot.

2. Get down to writing.

That is what NaNoWriMo is all about. The writing doesn’t have to be perfect. You just have to make sure that your wrist doesn’t stop moving and that the nib of the pen doesn’t leave the page.  Don’t worry about punctuation or grammar,  don’t worry if the descriptions of your characters don’t match. You can focus on all of those things later when it’s finished.

3. Enjoy yourself. 

NaNoWriMo or not the creative process is supposed to be enjoyed and fun, not a tedious journey. Remember that on our journey. 🙂

And if today is a bad day, then rest assured tomorrow will be better.

Good luck,



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