Hello lovelies! 

I’ve been a bit of a busy bee just lately, hence my absence of late.

Last week I celebrated my 24th birthday. I spent it with my lovely Nanna and my two gorgeous siblings, Owen who is seven and Laura who is six. It’s no secret that I spent most of the day trying to deter them from messing around in public toilets and hogging the stalls. Little buggers! 😛

Thank heavens it’s nearly term time!

Putting all that to one side though I finally managed to finish Lady of the Kryptonites which is sat in the cupboard, cooped up in a folder for viewing at a later date. I am currently looking for reviewers to give feedback. If you are interested in reading a YA fantasy novel then feel free to volunteer your services 🙂

As for today though, I am off out in the sunshine to work on the sequel.

Hope you enjoyed the update,



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