Music- The Fruitful Muse


Ah, music. What would life be like without it?

I wouldn’t want to imagine a world where music doesn’t exist. However, this is the situation that my characters face in LOTK.

If I was to live in Episkopos, god only knows that I wouldn’t survive a day if I was to adjust without the sweet, soft thumping of a tune or a gentle serenade to unwind.

Music is often known to be the release we need to kick back and have a good time for those who are socialites but for people who are creatively abled music can be a source of inspiration.

When I first began writing LOTK I listened to a lot of soppy, uninspiring pop and r&b. It was no surprise really that the first draft turned out to be flat and lifeless.

And as I began to rip my story apart I began to be drawn to heavy metal, rock and roll and even classical which came as a bolt out of the blue, especially as I’m not a classical type of listener.

I’m pleased to say that my love of music and my alternative tastes have helped tremendously in my writing and is vigourously used as motivation on days when I just don’t have any.

Music, to me is my muse.

What is yours? What do you listen to or do to get the ol’ metre running?

Looking forward to hearing your ideas.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading.

Blaze x


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