Top Five Books That Influenced LOTK


Hello my lovely bunch of readers.

Bit of an insight once again into what made Lady of the Kryptonites what it is today.

First book – Elsewhere written by Gabriella Zevin

The main character of this book gets killed in a car accident while riding her bike. She then finds herself on a boat bordering somewhere called Elsewhere as you might have guessed by the title. Here she is able to watch her family and friends by peering into binoculars but learns that in time she will decrease in age and size and get sent back to Earth as someone else.

I loved this book because of its simplicity, there is no hows or whys just a simple storyline. The characters are a bit of a mystery and don’t really intrigue you that much but 10/10 for the world build.

Second book – The Time Travelers Wife written by Audrey Ziffenegger.

The main characters are Clare and Henry in this back to the future style novel. Clare has known Henry since she was six years old unknown to Henry, they have a history spanning over a decade. There is a little bit of everything here, action, suspense, romance, fantasy. Everything you need to be entertained.

Though the book acts mostly like a biography for the two characters it is very enjoyable although informative. It helped me form an idea of how to portray Leah’s disapparitions and helped me to do it with a twist. 10/10.

Third book – Uglies written by Scott Westerfield.

In this book the characters face having an operation to make them ‘pretty’. At the age of sixteen main character Cali is only days away from her turn to live in the pretty town. When the time comes for her to have it though the Specials intervene and tell her she must leave town and track down a runaway in the Smoke in order for her to be turned pretty.

This always reminds me of being a teenager even though I am twenty three now. It takes me back to a time when all I used to think about was being pretty and how to reach thag goal. Because of this I have enriched my knowledge of teenage body image and how they behave. It also helped me with world buillding as did Elsewhere. 7/10.

Fourth Book – Breaking The Silence written by Diane Chamberlain.

This is more of a family saga as the mother is the narrator and her child won’t/ can’t speak to people apart from who she is close to. Her husband kills himself due to depression leaving her to fend for herself and her child. Meanwhile she is caring for an elderly lady when she discovers that she and her child share the same similarities.

This moved me and taught me that there is always a second will, that when things happen there is usually an explanation or another story ready to come to light. It also helped me to write intriguing characters and not to give everything away at once. It helped me with the importance of family relationships, positive or not and to display that with understanding.

Fifth Book – My Sister’s Keeper written by Jodi Picoult.

Thirteen year old Anna has been a donor for sixteen year old Kate since she was born. She has leukemia and Anna knows that she was born because of that fact. To help her sister recover. Instead Kate is getting worse and needs a kidney which makes Anna say enough is enough and decides to stop her parents from using her as a donor without her consent.

This novel is controversial as it focuses on the aspect of whether you live or let die. What I found most useful out of this treasure was that there are four character points of view, written in first person which gives it its vantage point in my opinion. Seeing all sides of the story can make a difference and it influeneced me to write my novel with three character points of view in first person.

There you have it. A whole insight into my favourite books and how they helped me develop my ideas into scenes and action.

Hope you enjoyed reading,

Blaze x