Gay Marriage: a Privilage or a Human Right?


Those who believe in me shall never die


Unless you’re homosexual. Cannot vouch for anyone fancying the same sex in heaven.’

As the title suggests my topic today is about gay marriage. It’s a controversial subject for many and one that’s been broadcast on the news for weeks on end.

You’ve probably witnessed first hand the activists who stand and protest that marriage is for a hetrosexual couples only. What right does anyone have to tell others who they are, who to date and what to feel?

Does God Almighty have the power to write others lives? If so, why?

I’m a believer in religion of sorts. I’m not a Christian nor an atheist, some rules I agree with, others not so much. The bible tells its followers that God offers unconditional love but how can that be true when he turns his children who are different, who go against his wishes,  away?

Wouldn’t he welcome everybody into his arms? Those who accept pure love will receive it, those who don’t deserve evil.

Christianity, to me, is the new Satanism. You might disagree with that but to me, hating homosexuaIity is nothing but unnecessary cruelty and nobody should have the right to hate on those who differ from them.

Being homosexual is something you have inside of you from birth and should be something to embrace instead of discriminating against. You can’t change how you feel just like you can’t change your features, your skin colour or the way you walk. Why hate something that is none of your business?

My fantasy novel has a LGBT plot running through the series as it conflicts with one of the rules to Episkopos, (see previous post). All of what happens intersects with the rules one way or another.

In my opinion, you should be able to marry anyone you want. Whether it be man, woman, gorilla or teapot (no seriously somebody did do that). Marriage is about commitment, not gender. It’s also the next stage in any steady relationship. As long as they make you happy, keep you sane, make you smile and look after you then that’s all that matters.

My fiancé says life is a bitch and then you marry one. He might be right but you won’t see me admitting it to his face. 😛



One thought on “Gay Marriage: a Privilage or a Human Right?

  1. Christianity the ‘new Satanism’? I have to disagree, to say the least. ‘We’ are on your side regarding the right and privilege to choose your own path. ‘ Faith’ however you want to define it has an insidious way of wanting to avert that. ~Mistress Babylon

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