Self Belief: Answer To All Life’s Problems????



Some say that the above quote is all that you need to fulfil your dreams and reach success. Without it they claim that nothing is possible, that your dreams will falter into dust and successes will turn into failures.

While others simply disagree.

These people simply argue that while belief needs to be acquired, too much can damage your chances of success and make everything crumble beneath you. And some also believe that there is such a thing as too much self belief which can lead a person to be arrogant and obtrusive about their work.

Do we need to believe in ourselves in order to fulfil our dreams? Or do we need belief from other people to encourage us to border success?

I think personally that there needs to be a balance of both. Enough belief in yourself will get you where you need to be, too much could lead to crippling your desires and losing part of yourself without realising it. Self belief is also hard to acquire. Telling yourself ‘I am going to be successful’ won’t be enough to secure your dream job and neither will faking it.

Belief doesn’t come easily. Any writer will tell you that it is a steep slope that constantly gets bigger and steeper the longer you write. It is something that you come across from other people who believe in you, but what you think of yourself matters too.

For me, I believe in all of you. So go and fulfil your dreams and dance amongst the stars!


All I knew was that I never wanted to be average. Michael Jackson





Mental Health: The Invisible Illness

It’s been a while readers!

The reason behind my online absence has been because of my ongoing health issues. Two weeks ago and you would have been greeted with a different post. But following a suicide of one of my neighbours affected me more than you could imagine.

I don’t know the reasons behind it, it could have been due to anything like the state of our blundering economy, not getting enough support from those higher placed or, like me, suffering from an illness which is invisible to the naked eye.

I’m not speculating. Forgive me if it comes across that way. Mental health issues are ignored tenaciously. Nobody wants to acknowledge such a darkness that lies in one’s mind. I know all too well of the isolation and helplessness when all you want is someone to understand and give you an answer on how to fix it. But, to some more life threatening illnesses, mental health issues such as depression and anxiety can’t be cured by an operation.

People everywhere are struggling with this darkness. Everyday they are pleading to an invisible force for a cure other than talking therapies and motivation for tackling such problems. This is why I am urging you to open your minds, use your instincts, not your eyes to see if someone very close to you is suffering. Chances are they are looking for someone to understand them just like me.

Let’s give this issue one of its own. Let’s talk about it. Let us defeat mental health problems.

Thank you for reading,

Blaze x