Happy New Year!

So here it is! 2013! New start, new you eh?

Here are my resolutions for the year 🙂

1. Learn to have faith in myself.

This is the hardest one of them all I think. Ever since I was little I have struggled with self confidence and self esteem. I remember the teachers saying that it was like a brief heatwave – it would glow for a couple of days and then vanish until years later. It is something that I have been trying to work on for years and somehow I am still searching for this thing!

2. Write an interactive story.

I have decided that instead of posting things about my Work In Progress I am going to let you guys steer the wheel. This weekend you will all be introduced to Callum, a fifteen year old boy who tries to help his fourteen year old girlfriend, Sam escape from her Satanic parents. There will two points of view; one from Callum and the other from Sam. At the end of the post I will add a poll to see what you think should happen next and then my wish is your command!

3. To finish my third draft without wanting to bin it.

I started my third draft in January last year and after restarting five times (yes, you read right) five times of pulling my hair out and reeling over the plot going awry it actually seems I’ll be six time lucky, although my chapters are all over the place (Chapter Eighteen currently in progress and nowhere near halfway through – yet!) :S. Keep your fingers crossed for me! I may need that.

4. Take up meditation to help ease my anxiety.

I like to think of myself as a spiritualist. It would be weird if I didn’t because I wouldn’t be writing a book based but not built on Mythology and I would not have my characters being followers of Wicca. Meditation has been recommended to me through radio shows and television but I have always seen it as sitting in a funny position and listening to weird music with scented candles lit spaciously around the room. I never thought of it as a healing method. Until now. I will just have to ignore my inner child and learn to breathe.

Peace, love and all the very best for his year.




Highlights of 2012

There have been many highlights that have tinted my world gold in 2012. To list them would take much time and would bore the living snot out of you, my gorgeous followers so here are a great few.

Counting down from five. Ready? Here we go!

5. Taking part in NaNoWriMo –

Even though I didn’t quite hit fifty thousand words NaNoWriMo was a learning curve for me. It made me realise that sometimes, jumping into an idea rather than letting it sit for days can be beneficial to your creativity and imagination. Since then it has gotten a lot harder to connect a sentence as new foundations are placed and certain sciences exceed imagination but my attempt is still viable.

4. Achieving a mark over 50 for an assignment with the OU. –

The assignment I was completing at the time was about Cleopatra and Mark Antony’s relationship and how it was portrayed by historian writers. Then I had to compare paintings from Cezanne which was really challenging but also rewarding to learn so much in such a short time.

3. Discovering the Fifty Shades Trilogy –

I have E.L James to thank for making me see Twilight for what it was – a fantasy with no real character depth or a plot. I know Fifty Shades was a fanfiction of Twilight but I feel she did a much better job. Yes, the writing isn’t great but you certainly get a better idea of the story. And for her revealing to the whole world about her sex life, well hats off to her!

2. Having my writing  style analysed.

I was introduced to a website where you can enter a paragraph of your written work and it analyses whose writing style it resembles. I will get back to you about the website name if you would like to know about it then let me know. :).
Some writers I was compared to was Chuck Palahniuk, author of Fight Club, Margaret Atwood, Anne Rice even J.K Rowling which is mad as I have never read a book of hers in my life!

1. Having each and everyone of you follow, like and read my posts.

When I first set this blog up I never expected the response that I’ve had from you all. I really, appreciate every follow and like that I receive. You are all a very special bunch and I hope you continue to enjoy my musings throughout 2013!

Muchos love x