NaNoWriMo ended four days ago now and I can say that I didn’t finish. Yippee!

Why am I cheering at that? You ask. Shouldn’t I be hiding under the bedclothes and not emerging until next year? Not likely! Although the idea is very appealing it is just too much time to waste on not being creative. And boy, do I hate that?!!!

32,700 words might not seem like much to these NONE NaNo’er’s but for me that is pretty good going so I am going to give myself some credit and just give myself a small pat on the back for actually following through.

If you managed to get to 50,000 words or more than I take my hat off to you! Brilliant stuff! I wish you every success with your WIP’s and I’m sure that with your sheer brilliance you’ll meet every deadline you encounter.

For now though I am just going to enjoy picking up where I left off and try to keep warm. Brrrr!

Best wishes 🙂



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