The Vortex of Time


We all know the feeling don’t we? There are times where you’re so bored, there’s nothing on television, there’s no good books to read or puzzles to complete.
What do you do?

For me, I am usually in this boat during the day as my creativity seems to take a hike and then something will pop up, an idea takes hold along with the excitement and before I know it it’s three a.m and I’ve  a busy day ahead tomorrow. *sigh*

What if there was no time boundary? If the only light exists and no darkness, and time wasn’t an issue. If there was no such thing as cold just warmth and happiness but never sadness?

I’ve been pondering this idea for days regarding my otherworlds in LOTK and have listed some questions for myself to answer before committing it to the book.
What would you do if this was a fact in our lifetime? Would you embrace it or hate not knowing What day it is?

Feel free to leave comments below! 


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