Your Reality is my Fantasy


J.K.Rowling invented dementors as a way of expressing her experience of depression. With this is mind I’m going to give you a taste of what normal subjects could appear in my world. – Normality Reference Alcohol Known as a placebo for bad days. -Fantasy Reference Alzheimer (Alcoheptic) Nowadays this is known as dementia, a virus that robs the brain of its function to maintain memory and everyday information. Let’s just say that there’s a cure for this is in the near future. What if it was something that could get from drinking too much, twenty four seven? After all, the chemicals in booze is enough to destroy a significant amount of brain cells. It has all the same effects of alcohol but with more dangerous consequences. – Normality Reference Rohypnol Known as the date rape drug. -Fantasy Reference Rohypfonol Not much difference from the Normality reference but its hold is mightier than the drug cocaine and heroin combined. If someone takes this it knocks them into an automatic coma, as it wears off the organs in the body begin to fail and unless the liquid form is injected into the bloodstream for three weeks or more the victim can die from dehydration. Seems a bit crazy but that’s kryptonites for you. There’ll be more Fantasy like themes in my next Fantasy blog. Hope you enjoyed reading. 🙂 Blaze


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